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Reasons To Believe The Weird "DocChuck" Epic Is Swiftly Moving Toward Its Conclusion

"DocChuck"/Charles Richard Treuter is an excellent example of the fact that some fools seemingly never learn and therefore personify the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

DocChuck/Charles Richard Treuter Is A Prime Example
Of The Fact That Some Fools Never Learn

Bill Gates, like Martha Stewart and DocChuck, simply cannot seem to stay out of jail --- LOL!

The above photo and comment about it was posted on “DocChuck’s/Charles Richard Treuter’s MySpace Blogs section on February 23, 2010 at:
Obviously, his posting both the pic and the descriptive comment were meant to be amusing or “cute” but as the reader shall see it actually spoke volumes about the psychology of Charles Richard Treuter and the fact that he is not only a pathological sociopath but amuses himself in boasting about being one.  A fool who never learns appropriately describes “DocChuck”/Charles Richard Treuter.  Read on!

How The Weird Charles Treuter Epic Began:
For more than seven years Charles Richard Treuter chose to stalk, harass, and threaten employees of both The Baxter Bulletin newspaper in Mountain Home, Arkansas and Gail House, an Employee of First Saving and Loan.  Finally, when demands for him to cease and desist his conduct of harassment and threats and a Court Issued Protective Order against him failed to resolve the matter, a criminal charge was filed against him.  Following is the published story of the results of Charles Richard Treuter being charged with having issued harassing communications:

News Headline: Man Sentenced for Harassing Communications
A Baxter County man [calling himself Dr. Charles Richard Treuter] accused of harassing employees of The Baxter Bulletin and Gail House, an employee of First Federal Savings and Loan, pleaded no contest Tuesday in Baxter County District Court to a single charge of harassing communications. District Judge Van Gearhart entered a finding of guilty against Dr. Charles Treuter and sentenced Treuter to 90 days in jail with all but 10 days suspended. City Prosecutor Roger Morgan brought reams of papers to the hearing that were allegedly faxes and printed copies of e-mail authored by Treuter containing untrue, derogatory and profane statements directed at the victims or their employers.
 Morgan told the judge that Treuter's communications with The Bulletin had continued for more than seven years and had recently become increasingly personal and defamatory in content.

The Weird Charles Treuter Epic Continued:

Unfortunately, the ten-day penalty sentence didn’t impact Charles Richard Treuter in the manner in which it was intended and just two days after he was released from jail he returned to his campaign of harassment and threats, proving himself to be a fool who simply wouldn’t learn his lesson with respect to behaving like a civilized individual and living peacefully amongst others within society.  No, being a confirmed pathological liar and sociopath, his bent toward psychopathic behavior took over what should have been rational thought processes and set aside even the least bit of a scintilla of common sense and decency.  So, Charles Treuter, thinking himself far savvier to the ways of the world and the Internet with respect to hiding his true identity only waited two days to renew his harassment and threats.  Evidently the fraud who decided to claim that he had both a Doctorate (PhD) in education and psychology – both bald face lies about which the University of Houston and the University of Texas have both confirmed are simply outrageously outlandish claims which are wholly false – began to think himself more coy and intellectual than are law enforcement investigators.  

Just two days after being released from jail and placed under an Order of the Court which sentenced him to not make ANY further contact of ANY nature with his former victims  he decided that he could circumvent the Court’s Order by paying an Internet Proxy Service in order to renew and continue his barrage of emails upon his victims and took the step to begin a new campaign against Betty Barker Smith,  a publisher of the Baxter Bulletin newspaper in Mountain Home, Arkansas which is owned by THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE and USA TODAY.

When Charles Richard Treuter was once again indicted for the same conduct which had led to his entering a nolo contendere plea in the previous case filed against him he decided to go to court and hired an attorney to defend him.  The attorney, certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed, so to speak, didn’t have the legal acumen to keep his client, Charles Richard Treuter, from taking the stand in an attempt to defend himself.
The result of the trial was that Charles Richard Treuter was found guilty/convicted as charged and ended in a very scathing pronouncement from the Judge’s bench against the sociopathic Charles Richard Treuter:

News Headline: A Blistering Court Ruling Against “Dr.” Charles Treuter
In a blistering ruling Tuesday, Baxter County District Judge Van Gearhart ordered Charles Treuter of Mountain Home to report to the Baxter County Jail at 5 p.m. Friday to begin serving a one-year sentence on repeated harassment charges.
Treuter will serve six months of that sentence, with six months on probation. Conditions of probation include no contact with any person at The Baxter Bulletin, and Treuter is ordered not to use a computer or a fax machine for one year after his release from jail. In fact, they are not to be used in Treuter's household, Gearhart said. He also was fined $1,000.

In a three-hour bench trial on charges of harassing communications and violating the court's previous Dec. 2 order to have no contact with victims, Gearhart found Treuter guilty in the case involving harassing communications with The Baxter Bulletin and not guilty in another case involving harassing communications with Republican candidate for Baxter County judge Dan Hall.

Treuter was convicted Dec. 2, 2003, after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor charge of harassing communications involving three victims. Treuter was charged in that case with harassing employees of The Bulletin and Gail House, an employee of First Federal Savings and Loan and wife of Mountain Home Mayor Ed House.
Treuter was sentenced to 10 days in jail, but was permitted to serve all but two days performing community service. He served one weekend in the Baxter County Jail, was fined $1,000 and was ordered to have no contact with any of the victims.
After that conviction, Treuter continued to send harassing e-mails and faxes to Bulletin publisher Betty Barker Smith as well as other Bulletin employees and members of the community, including Hall, according to witness testimony.

Nevin Barnes of the Mountain Home Police Department Criminal Investigation Division testified Treuter sent several documents by fax and e-mail to The Bulletin and Hall. Barnes said the contents of the communications were consistent with others he had seen.
"The experience I've had with him, I knew he was on a roll," Barnes said. "Over the years, we've accumulated thousands of documents about three feet tall, and these were consistent with everything else he has sent over the years."
Barnes said both Smith and Hall authorized the documents to be traced, and they tracked to Treuter.

Officer Paul Fry, MHPD computer administrator, testified some of the e-mails showed the sender asedhouse@ziplip.com but traced to Treuter's address in rural Mountain Home and his phone number. Ziplip.com is a secure e-mail site that subscribers may use to mask the origin of their communications, according to testimony.
"The e-mail represented itself to be from Ed House," Fry said. "The IP (Internet protocol) sniffer locks in an IP address. Everything that Charles Treuter did was entered on a log, everywhere he went."

Smith testified Treuter had at least seven different contacts with her via her computer or The Bulletin fax machine since the December 2003 court order.
The communications contained "shocking language," Smith said.

"It was absolutely vile the names I was called, Linda Masters was called and Gail House was called," Smith said. The e-mails were purported to be from House, she said.
Smith testified a fax forwarded to her on Dec. 2, 2003, was signed "Dr. Charles Treuter" and another was sent to her right after the weekend Treuter spent in jail.
Hall testified he received several faxes which he suspected came from Treuter, and he reported them to Barnes.

Treuter testified he was not the author of the e-mails and faxes, suggesting his computer had been infected with a virus, and a hacker had stolen his address book. He said he had many political enemies in the community. He also said visitors to his home and office, which both contain computers, are free to use his equipment whenever they wish, saying those with access were too numerous to mention.
"I have absolutely no idea who may have sent those e-mails to these people," he testified, although he admitted sending some of those same documents to other people.

"We have a number of meetings with the moveon.org organization," he said. "Anyone who was in my home had access to my office."

Prosecutor Roger Morgan argued to the judge that Treuter, a convicted felon in a jury-tried voter fraud case in March 2002, could not be believed.[Charles Treuter who admittedly hates blacks (although, strangely enough, he is an avid supporter of the current fraud who usurped the office of POTUS), Jews, and Mexicans had, as a registered voter of the Democrat party, conspired with his “wife” Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter to cast multiple votes in an election held in Baxter County, Arkansas.  Eventually the voter fraud was discovered and thoroughly investigated resulting in Charles Richard Treuter’s indictment and conviction.  This sociopath seemingly will stop at nothing when attempting to “get his way” no matter how perverted and illegal “his way” is – perfect example of his emulating the BO (stench of liberalisms’ stinking armpits and orifices).

Morgan also said the communications had escalated to the point they had become very serious.

"These contain as harassing and dangerous information as I've seen in a long time," Morgan said, adding that Treuter has been sending the communications to the community for a number of years.

"It is a serious matter that needs to be seriously dealt with by the court," he said.
In his ruling, Gearhart focused on the violation of the court's previous no-contact order, saying there were serious differences between the case involving The Bulletin and the one involving Hall.

"In the case involving Mr. Hall, while certainly involving the kind of things people don't like to receive by fax or e-mail, the court does not believe it falls under the charge of harassment. Sometimes people who run for office have to put up with stupid things," Gearhart said.

"This court ruled in December of last year that Mr. Treuter was not to have any communication, whether it be by fax or e-mail, with any persons at The Baxter Bulletin," Gearhart said.

"Now, that was a pretty tough ruling for me, and it was somewhat ironic that The Bulletin, who of course prides itself on preserving the sanctity of freedom of speech and freedom of press, and is something that this court holds dear.

"But at some point in time — after you have repeatedly told someone that 'Enough is enough' — enough is enough," he said.

I don't own the dog! - LOL:

"Now Mr. Treuter has what I would define as the classic dog-bite case defense: 'My dog doesn't bite. But if he bit you, you must have deserved it. But, really, you weren't hurt all that bad. And, besides, I don't really own a dog.'

"Number one, he says, 'It must have been some political enemies that are doing this to me.'
"He says that, 'Well, maybe it was computer hackers,' yet his computer ... was fixed in December and then again in January.  And all of the significant e-mails that the court has reviewed were in March and May of 2004.

"He then says, 'Well, it could have been friends.'

"And finally, Mr. Treuter says, 'I don't own the dog. I didn't do it. I didn't send any of those.'
"I find the defendant guilty of harassment," Gearhart said.

Michael Loggains, Treuter's attorney, said he anticipated an appeal. Treuter refused comment.

Originally published September 29, 2004, in the Baxter Bulletin newspaper.

The Epic Continued Through 2009:
(This could be subtitled as I don’t own the blog! LOL)
Beginning in 2007 “DocChuck”/Charles Richard Treuter became infatuated with his lust for attention and for some strange and unknown reason drew it to himself by trolling the Internet’s food and cooking blog sites.  Perhaps his doing so is somewhat explained in an interview he had with a newspaper reporter where he lamented the fact that throughout the whole of his life as a child, adolescent, and teen he had been raised on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while his friends had enjoyed home cooked meals.  He told the reporter that he had always been embarrassed and humiliated by the fact that he was seldom ever fed a real meal because his mother didn’t want to cook.  He also recalled that sometime around 1962 having two of his buddies from Shriner Institute (now known as Shriner University and located in Kerville, Texas) stay the weekend in his home and about “fell dead” when they got up one of the mornings they had stayed there and made their way to the kitchen and saw Charles’ father eating breakfast at the kitchen table which had newspaper spread on it instead of a tablecloth.  Obviously that incident had a serious impact on Charles’ psyche.  And, it might explain his deciding to pretend to be a gourmet cook and claiming the same kitchen attribute for his Mormon prison nurse who he pretends is a Medical Doctor.  Wanting acceptance and needing to impress others is an OBSESSION with Charles Richard Treuter.  

An example of the above and aforesaid obsession is evidenced by the fact that on some of the blog sites which Charles has trashed over the past few years he has even claimed that he grew up in a household with a French housekeeper/cook and that he and his wife now have a Hispanic maid who comes to their “high-end” retirement condominium in Columbia, Maryland (in reality it is a rented apartment with a pitiful view of the apartment complex’s golf course) for the sole purpose of cleaning their toilets.  That is quite odd inasmuch as Charles has, in emails to his brothers, repeatedly stated his hatred of Hispanics about whom he refers to as “filthy mexicans” and “polluters” of Texas – even worse than what he states are FUCKING NIGGERS.

Beginning around 2006 or 2007, while creating multiple personas and names he used to troll food blogsites, Charles went about calling himself “DocChuck” and trashed food blogs with his spewing of hate and venom and actually communicated back and forth with himself in the comment areas of the sites by using such handles as Mrs.DocChuck, Dr. E., Doctor Elizabeth, Louise Brescia, Chiffonade, The Real Chiffonade, Fanthom, Judge Van Gayhart, Barbara Krieg (the name of his first of three wives), Sandra Lee, Leigh and about 50 other names and personas which he created and used in order to obtain access to the food sites where the owners had banned him from membership.  To the dismay of the site owners they had to continue to strive to keep him off their sites by banning his newly “created personas”. 

One need only to Google “DocChuck” to find such postings as:

1.      “DocChuck” was banned from Serious Eats after repeatedly posting off-topic and off-color remarks that were counter to our desire to foster a community that is passionate, discerning, and inclusive. Lively and spirited conversations are encouraged. Just keep it on topic and civil.”

2.      Mrs. Doc Chuck has just as many problems as her internet troll husband, Doc Chuck. The only real truth about Doc Chuck is printed above with reference to the newspaper article on how he was popped by the Baxter Bulletin for harassing e-mails. Doc Chuck and his contingent of imaginary friends (whom I've dubbed "the Chucklets") has been trolling me for the better part of three years. If you'd like the lowdown on Doc Chuck and his habits, please e-mail me atchiffonade@hotmail.com. Till then, keep cooking real food for your friends and family...They are worth your time and effort - and certainly deserve more than bagged angel food cake with canned pie filling.   Chiffy Posted by: chiffonade March 24, 2008 at 03:47 PM

3.      Hello all.

I would like to draw your attention to this charming comment left in response to one of my recent posts about Jac having been ill. The person who wrote this little heartfelt gem calls himself DocChuck.

Just want to let you know that I am saying “Bye-Bye” to your Blog.
My wife and I (American) have been reading it and enjoying some of the pictures for a while, now.

But today, we read Bleeeeeargh . . . and that was EXACTLY our reaction . . . Bleeeeeargh!
We realize now that you are advertising and PROMOTING a disgusting, perverted lifestyle . . . and THAT is what PORNOGRAPHIC about your site.
May you burn in hell.

DocChuck, did spewing forth that little diatribe make you feel better? Perhaps part of its venom was spurred on by your feeling like a fool, seduced all this time by photographs of food that you genuinely enjoyed, before you made the shocking discovery that the photographer is a lesbian – and recoiled in horror. *snort*

Yes, yes. I’ll declare it now in case any one else wasn’t aware of the fact and would like to make a graceful exit from readership of this blog (or do as DocChuck has done, and insult me under the protection of cyberspace and a pseudonym – that’s very big of you, DocChuck).

Yes, I am a woman. And yes, my partner of almost ten years is also a woman. (I guess DocChuck was tipped off and made his disturbing discovery with the help of certain pronouns and the mention of “ex-girlfriends” in the last post.) I’ve never made a big deal of it. My sexuality is part of who I am, and I’m not ashamed of that.

Over time, in reading and responding to my readers’ comments, reading their own blogs and exchanging the odd email, I know a number of my readers are very different to me and have very different beliefs – a number of my readers are very spiritual and/or religious people, for example, but I don’t force my personal beliefs down their throats nor judge and insult them nor wish bad things on them. What to me is the best part about having this site, what I think is so wonderful and precious and important is the communication and sharing between people from all over the world, from different backgrounds and circumstances – we enjoy sharing our common love of food and the sensory pleasures of looking at, smelling and tasting food. We help each other discover new foods and new ways of preparing and enjoying the foods we thought we knew. We discuss our love for our partners, and our pets. We communicate our ideas and experiences. We enjoy life together. Two women who happen to be lesbians and partners, eating freshly baked meat pies in country towns while on holiday – yeeeeeeeeah, that’s pretty damn perverted. Heh.

DocChuck, your parting words don’t hurt me in the least – I’m not worried about burning in hell because I don’t believe there is such a place.


December 1st, 2009
Dear DocChuck,
You are right in that you are the last person I want to hear from. However, I want to address you.

  Betty said...
There goes DocChuck (Charles Treuter) posting as BrotherChiffonade and ruining your blog.

Yours will be just one in a long line of blogs he's trashed.

Take a gander: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&rlz=1T4GGIH_enUS254US255&q=docchuck+chiff0nade&btnG=Search

I also suggest emailing Jaden from Jaden's Steamy Kitchen. She'll have lots to say about him.

Here's her public email: jaden@steamykitchen.com

Good Luck with this weirdo.

Perhaps one of the best ever replies to “DocChuck” came from a food blog site owner at: 
http://www.roadfood.com/Forums/you-asked-for-itmore-steaks-m579295.aspx where the owner explicitly “laid it on the line” to Charles by replying to him:

Kind of strange that your resume says you did all the Higher Ed back in the 60's and early 70's. That would make you about 100 years old by now... I think your fake life-history is giving you away. You are no longer welcome on this site.   
Hasta La
Vista, TROLL. 

There are literally dozens upon dozens of sites where the exposed “DocChuck”/Charles Richard Treuter has left his tracks as a vicious, venomous, racist, and potentially dangerous psychopath and sociopath.  And the above “Hasta La Vista, Troll” response speaks volumes about the “Doc” and his pathological lying about who he is and what he is.

Doc Chuck Turned His Attention Away From Food Blogs
In Order To Write A New Chapter In His Weird Epic:

In 1994 Charles and Elizabeth Treuter had fled from Houston, Texas after he had been confronted by his brothers with regards to his having defrauded their mother out of approximately $250,000.00 and had also physically assaulted her on the driveway at her residence which resulted in his having knocked her down on the concrete where she lay for sometime with her forehead having been split open and bleeding profusely.

In 1996 Charles Richard Treuter emailed his brother Kenneth W. Treuter and advised him that if he ever wanted to again communicate with him as a brother that he was never ever again to mention Houston, Texas or their mother or their brother, Douglas Vernon Treuter.  That was the last time Kenneth and/or Douglas and/or their mother ever heard anything more from or about Charles Richard Treuter.

Subsequently, Nellie Vernon Treuter, Charles Richard Treuter’s mother, had formally disowned Charles Richard Treuter and had removed him from her will so that he would be completely disinherited from her estate.  She passed away in April, 2006.  Her funeral was attended by many of her friends, her two sons (Kenneth and Douglas), Kenneth’s wife, Douglas’ girlfriend, and one of Mrs. Treuter’s former daughter-in-laws, Barbara Krieg who had attempted to notify Charles of his mother’s death but received no response from him.  She had been the only individual who had any idea about his whereabouts.  Attempts to locate him failed as he had remained in hiding and didn’t come out of hiding until around 2007 when he began his barrage of attacks as an Internet troll.  However, he continued to hide his true identity and whereabouts.

Then, on September 11, 2009 (over three years after his mother’s death and eight years after 9/11 Charles Richard Treuter drafted and sent the following to his brother Kenneth W. Treuter’s former legal support services email address – Kenneth had left the email address active):

Hello, 'Colonel'  
From: Charles Treuter  
To:  onpointlegalsupport@mail.usa.com
Date: Fri, Sep 11, 2009 1:29 pm

Hey, "Colonel":

You, and your mexican wife and your Gatewood-look-alike brother (aka 'Douglas') have been fucking with me.

That is a no-no.  And you should know better. 

My D.C. attorneys are in the process of coming after you, and they fully intend to get my share of the inheritance.

You can pay me NOW, or you can pay me later.  But you WILL pay me my share of the inheritance.

SHAME upon you and 'Doug' for stealing from me.  Do you NOT think that I have been collecting and saving documentation from the past?  Really?

Most respectfully,

Dr. Charles R. Treuter

Many additional emails have since been sent by Charles to Kenneth and Douglas Treuter and each one reveals more about Charles’ psychosis in that they became more and more threatening in tone.  Below is one of Charles’ most recent emails to his brothers – drafted and sent on or about May 25, 2010:

Bring it on asshole, as I have REPEATEDLY told you and WARNED you.  What are you ... brain dead?  What part of "Bring it on" can you NOT understand, Mr. Lawyer?  … Those mexicans you live with have caused you to forget the English language?

Let me repeat myself ONE MORE FUCKING TIME:   B.R.I.N.G.  I.T.  O.N.,  Colonel Kenneth Wayne Treuter, Esquire, Lawyer, Notary Public, 007 wannabe, Teresa Radke fucker, imbecile, diarrhea mouth, gut-shot, uneducated, asshole.

If you keep sending your … 'messages' to me, I will be FORCED to hire the "Mexican Mafia"  to come and have a chat with you.  Can you get your mexican wife to explain the facts of life to you…?

The above email was then followed by the following email sent onJune 3, 2010 to Kenneth W. Treuter.  The obvious sender attempted to hide his tracks by using the following heading and name from which the email originated:

From:   Merry Borgan  
To you: Ken Treuter@.....
Date: Thu, Jun 3, 2010 11:37 pm


This is the only way I could contact you for now, I want you to be very careful about this and keep this secret with you until I make out space for us to see. You have no need of knowing who I am or where I am from. 
 I know this may sound very surprising to you but it’s the situation.  I have been paid some ransom in advance to terminate you with some reasons listed to me by my employer. It’s someone I believe you call a friend, I have followed you closely for a while now and have seen that you are innocent of the accusations he leveled against you.  Do not contact the police or try to send a copy of this to them, because if you do, I will know, and I might be pushed to do what I have been paid to do.  Besides, this is the first time I turn out to be a betrayer in my job.I took pity on you, that is why I have made up my mind to help you if you are willing to help

Now listen, I will arrange for us to see face to face, but before that, I need $15,000. I will come to your home or you determine where you wish we meet; I repeat, do not arrange for the cops and if you play hard to get, it will be extended to your family.  Do not set any camera to cover us or set up any tape to record our conversation, my employer is in my control now. Payment details will be provided for you to make a part payment of $7,500 first, which will serve as gurantee [sic] that you are ready to you co-orperate [sic], then i [sic] will post a copy of the video tape that contains his request for me to terminate you which will be enough evidence for you to take any legal action against him before he employs another expert person for the job. You will pay the balance of $7,500 once you receive the tape and other evidence.

 Warning; do not contact the police, make sure you stay indoors once it is 7.30pm until this whole thing is sorted out, if you neglect any of these warnimgs [sic], you will have yourself to blame. You do not have much time, so get back to me immediately.

 Note: I will advise you keep this to yourself alone, not even a friend or a family member should know about it because it could be one of them.

I will [sic] like you to reply to my privacy email 

Don Snipper.

I’ll fully concede that the above email is the same email scam letter which first appeared in 2006 and scared hundreds of its receivers.  Law enforcement, including the FBI thoroughly investigated it and it seemed to have ended until it resurfaced in 2008.  Kenneth W. Treuter had never received the scam email in either 2006 or 2008.  And although it could simply be coincidental that he received it at the time that Charles Richard Treuter’s campaign of stalking, harassment, and threats became more and more aggressive there is something which deserves more consideration.  Notice the supposed “reply” email address of Don Snipper.  See the “007”.  Charles has repeatedly criticized and attempted to denigrate Kenneth’s extensive collection of Ian Fleming’s “James Bond/007 books” and memorabilia.  And because it is a fact that Charles has used many adopted names and emails and made multiple attempts to hack into persons’ email and social networking accounts it shouldn’t surprise anyone if indeed he was somewhere in the background of the “Hit Man” email being sent to Kenneth.  The matter deserves more investigation and it will indeed receive it and the results of that investigation (mine) or those investigations (conducted by other interested parties currently needing to remain anonymous while they do their work) will be reported at a time which is deemed appropriate.

A Well Considered Analysis Of The Charles Richard Treuter/“DocChuck” Epic:
Three separate and quite rational conclusions may be arrived at from a reading of all of Charles Richard Treuter’s emails to his brothers. Firstly, it is possible that he is seriously financially strapped or even financially broke and in need of funds to support his current lifestyle whatever it may be.  Secondly, his “wife” has possibly left him high and dry after tiring of his bullshit and including her in his insanities such as claiming she is an medical doctor/world-renown neurologist and his pretending that they have so much and travel and feast on gourmet meals, etc.  It’s interesting that the photos he includes on his MySpace blogs (most of which are simply cut and paste photos which he pretends are pictures he’s “snapped” but aren’t) don’t include any current pics of his supposed “Dr.” E/Liz.  Thirdly, he believes he can intimidate his brothers and through intimidation and coercion somehow have them pay him some sum of money in order to have him go away and cease from stalking, harassing, and threatening, them.

One might also speculate that Charles Richard Treuter is hoping to create a serious incident wherein he may be able to “commit suicide by cop” (Suicide by cop is a suicide method in which a suicidal individual deliberately acts in a threatening way, with the goal of provoking a lethal response from a law enforcement officer, such as being shot to death).  Charles has always been known to be scared of his own shadow in the real world and that is clearly the reason he hides behind a computer monitor to spew his hate and threats or hires someone to do his “dirty deeds”.  Interestingly, Charles has become a near clone paternal grandfather, Oscar Treuter, with regards to his temperament and personality faults, including his psychosis and habitual lying.  Oscar Treuter ended his hate-filled existence by putting a bullet through his own skull.  And it has, on many different occasions, been observed my members of the Treuter family that Charles shared far too many character traits and behavioral likenesses with Oscar Treuter.

Charles’ recidivism with regards to his criminal conduct and his pattern and practice of issuing threats (including death threats), being hell-bent on harassing others, and stalking individuals to whom he takes a dislike can be traced back to the fact that he has always suffered from a bipolar personality, delusions of grandeur, and an ongoing attempt to hide inferiority complex which has repeatedly resulted in his making outlandish claims with respect to “who” and “what” he is.  This is a man who once paid to have his name and “resume” of  self-aggrandizing “accomplishments” published in a vanity Who’s Who Book. 

No matter what it may be that one concludes about Charles Richard Treuter and his sociopathic and psychopathic behavior and personality it is now obvious that he suspects that he may very well have crossed the line with regards to his stalking, harassing, and threatening his brothers and Kenneth W. Treuter’s wife.  While it is quite likely that he gambled on his victims not taking any steps to put an end to his conduct toward them and rationalized that they would most likely simply allow him vent and “blow off steam” until he moved on to new targets he certainly miscalculated their response and resolve.  (One of the brothers still clearly remembers when Charles was 19 years old a young lady and her parents had arrived at the Treuters’ home in Houston and explicitly accused Charles of having raped the young lady.  Apologies, promises, and reassurances, along with monetary payments for medical care and torn clothing had been paid to the young lady’s parents in exchange for their and their daughter’s not reporting the sexual assault to law enforcement). 

With regards to Charles Richard Treuter’s obscene and threatening emails and phone calls to his brothers he was quickly and adamantly advised by them that they were not of a mindset to take his threats and stalking and harassment lightly and together they would see to his being brought to justice.  Additionally they made it explicitly clear, in writing and verbally, that were he not to immediately cease and desist with his conduct toward them they would have no compunction whatsoever in seeing him prosecuted in both a civil courtroom as well as a criminal one. 

Today, it appears that their determination, along with that of three other victims of “DocChuck”/Charles Richard Treuter, (none of whom I will herein name but know he will attempt to guess at their identities) to bring him to justice has finally had an impact upon him -- evidenced by the fact that to some degree his most recent posts at two food blog sites have been dramatically toned down:

The questions which now beg being answered are: Has Charles Richard Treuter been cautioned by his so-called legal counsel of what it is which they may very well perceive to headed toward him and has it somehow finally occurred to him that he made a grievous error in judgment when he decided to cross over to the wrong side of the lines of civility and legality and there is now no turning back from the harm he has already done?  If so, that may very well explain why he seems to be in a “build-a-defense” mode for what he may, for whatever reason(s) suspect awaits him on the legal horizon.  I invite my reader(s) to carefully consider the following statements in that light as you read the following post he made on his newly-created “DocChuck Chats Blog”:
In the meantime, I am reviewing my five-year, 286-page collection of copied emails, fake websites created by 'chiffonade', posts ('comments') made by Louise Brescia and her many screen names on hundreds of blogs, nasty comments sent to Sandra Lee and to others, and her 'contributions' to websites such as Serious Eats where she claims to be a 'Senior Advisor', and her MySpace, FaceBook, Cassandra Crossing, and other social networking endeavors.  I will be posting much more information about Louise Brescia, along with some samples of her drivel in the near future.

The above referenced post cannot help but immediately bringing to mind the “doc’s: attempted defense when prosecuted in a Baxter County, Arkansas criminal court hearing and the Judge’s blistering ruling with respect to that lame defense tactic, i.e.,  Now Mr. Treuter has what I would define as the classic dog-bite case defense: 'My dog doesn't bite. But if he bit you, you must have deserved it. But, really, you weren't hurt all that bad. And, besides, I don't really own a dog.' “Number one, he says, 'It must have been some political enemies that are doing this to me.'  “He says that, 'Well, maybe it was computer hackers,' yet his computer was fixed in December and then again in January.  And all of the significant e-mails that the court has reviewed were in March and May of 2004.  “He then says, 'Well, it could have been friends.' "And finally, Mr. Treuter says, 'I don't own the dog. I didn't do it. I didn't send any of those.'”